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Andy Carne

Streemliner Limited
Streemliner creates engagement layers for music.

Founder, Andy Carne, is a Grammy Nominated Art Director, with over 20 years experience working closely with global artists, including the Foo Fighters and Imogen Heap.

Streemliner has been quietly building support momentum with key partners, while publicly showcasing at CES 2018 and at Music Biz 2019.

FOR FANS... A potent combination of hyper-relevant visuals plus interactive credits drives organic music discovery to a whole new level, while encouraging listeners to spend time with your music, which naturally increases play count.

FOR THE INDUSTRY... While the connected user interface delivers immersive engagement for fans, the 'drag-and-drop' tools make it easy for the industry to transform existing assets into service ready art and meta data.

Streemliner has the ideal end-to-end process to quickly, and cost effectively, deliver catalogue-wide fan engagement in streaming environments, while unlocking rich pools of factual meta data for the industry.

Come find us in The Future Is Now Music Lounge, Music Biz, Nashville 2019.